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for the kids: Yesterday Maggie wanted a bite sized Reese's cup. I told her she was big and could unwrap it on her own. When she came to hand me the trash, the chocolate already in her mouth, I discovered she had unwrapped the foil but missed the brown paper, since it's the same color as the treat, and hey, why does candy need two wrappers anyway? I asked her if she liked eating paper and she said no. I wonder how many complaints Reese's has had over this.

Yesterday when I got up to go to the gym, Maggie told me "no daddy, don't go running; don't go anywhere." She used to wake up with me and tell me she wanted to go to work with me. She's cute, but I can't wait to not share a room with her anymore. It's too hard going to work with those kinds of sentiments being thrown at me.

I can't believe it's now October. The leaves are changing, and our faux India jaunt is at its half-way mark. Before we know it we'll be celebrating the holidays, ringing in a year new, and doing it all over again. Were it not for the wonderment of watching the kids growing up, it sure would be redundant, and therefore bland.

Dalton turns one in just a few days. Lately he's been daddy's boy, clinging to me and not wanting mommy, or even the popular Aunt Erin at times. He and I seem to understand each other and have a special bond.

And then there's Kyli, whom we babysit during the week. She smiles like the dickens, and is giving us lots of practice regarding having another child. Though it's overwhelming to let the kids outnumber the adults, it is doable, I've discovered, and that is comforting.


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