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half weekend: Since I've been en route to Chicago all day today, we only got Saturday to spend together. As such, we packed it full of fun activities.

With fall promising to come to UT eventually, we decided to try one more hike this summer in our newly-acquired, new fangled hiking shoes. We chose Lake Mary because it's only a mile hike; had we known it was a mile straight up, we may have changed our minds. We got lost at the very beginning (how lame is that) and saw an older gentleman trotting up the path. Susie went to ask him directions, and turns out, our older gentleman was none other than President Uchtdor, Second Counsellor in the First Presidency of the LDS church. He's a native German and was otherwise speaking German to his family. I always knew we were headed the right way if we could hear German coming up the trail behind us.

Susie and I were too shy, after we figured out who he was, to go back up to him and say hi or shake his hand or do some other such gesture that he's probably relieved we deprived him of. We also didn't bring the camera, which he also probably appreciates, and when I asked Maggie if she wanted to shake the prophet's hand and she said no, we left if at that. But it still feels slightly like a rock star sighting.

Well, I'm off to teach the future of the accounting profession a thing or two. Wish me luck.


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