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[Comments] (1) ipod shuffle: Today I went to dinner with the other EY instructors, so that we could compare notes on our acedemic counterparts (each of us is co-teaching with a college professor) and on our kids. I shouldn't call them kids; they aren't kids. But I'm 30 now, so anyone's a kid, right? Some of them are barely 21....

I'm actually co-instructing with my old BYU professor. There are three BYU professors here this week actually, all of them my old teachers. I'm really enjoying the teaching, feel pretty connected to my students, and actually know all of their names, but I suspect I may only know their names associated with where they are sitting. My feet, however, ache from standing up for 9 hours straight, and my voice is slightly strained.

After dinner tonight we went to the on-site pub. I got questioned about my non-drinking by a real NYC upper west side semi-orthodox Jew. He didn't know much about LDS, we so swapped stories. I found it interesting that he is leaving early Friday to get home before sundown. He refrains from TV on Sundays but does use electricity, something I didn't know could be considered a no-no to some of the community.

I also got rangled into playing shuffleboard. Normally I avoid sports, any sports, including half sports like pool and karaoke, but they needed another player and I couldn't deny them. I played AWESOME! I think I knocked their socks off and really surprised them with my skills. I still claim beginner's luck, but it could also be related to the various inebretation levels. Although, now that I hang with the older folks at the firm, the drinking level has dropped from reckless to responsible. All in all, thus far, it's been a lot of fun.


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