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[Comments] (1) reading rainbow: I teased my 11-year old nephew about the HP7 movie coming out this fall, and asked if he was sad that Harry Potter died. He didn't believe me that Harry died, so what did he do? He went to the library, checked out the book, and verified this information for himself. Whatever it takes to get kids to read....

I also got my 16-year old nephew The Hunger Games for his birthday. He still hasn't read it, because he's too busy listening to metal and sexting on his phone, but his little sister read it in one day! Also, my SIL read them all too!

Now I'm reading The Kite Runner. I highly recommend it, even though it's more depressing than was Le Mis. It amazes me to read about the Taliban circa 2001 in Afganistan, the same year the big W decided to invade Iraq. The older I get, the less sympathetic I am to that egomaniac I shamefully voted for. Though in my defense, I only voted for his second term, since I was living in the Kong during the first election.

Speaking of election day, my company is sending me, and about 3,000 other people, to Orlando that whole week. I wonder why they would schedule a conference over election day?


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