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[Comments] (7) letters from abroad: Hello John,

Hope this e-mail finds you doing well.

After all these months, I am happy to advise you that your Indian employment visa has finally been issued.

Your families visa applications will now be submitted to the consulate for processing. I anticipate that your families visas should be issued by mid next week, however, as we have come to konw, the consulate is not predictable, therefore, I will update you once I receive approval of your families visa applications.

I thank you for your patience over all these months.

I will arrange for the return of your passport once your families visas have been issued, and we can send all the passports back to you at once. (Should you like your passport sent back to you first I can arrange that as well)

All the best, Law Firm

Of course I want my visa now! I don't dare believe the email until I hold that passport in my hands!


Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 09 2010 14:42

!! does that mean you are going?

Posted by Mom and Dad at Tue Nov 09 2010 19:12

We miss you already but are happy for you. It's better than having to go back to your house and then have those Visas go through.

Posted by Mom at Tue Nov 09 2010 19:13

Is the sender of your email's name really Law Firm?

Posted by Sumana at Tue Nov 09 2010 23:12

YAYAYAYAYAY! Awesome! I am so glad your visa finally came through. It would be lovely if you & I overlapped here in India but even if not, I hope the opportunity for you still works out.

Posted by Jamie at Wed Nov 10 2010 08:42

happy for you guys, but sad for me....a year goes by fast, right!?

Posted by John at Wed Nov 10 2010 08:46

Rachel: We will go if Susie and the kids visas are approved. EY has approved me to travel on December 1, assuming things work out as we hope they will.

Mom: I didn't want to put the person's name or the law firm name in the email. But it was from a law firm that handles this stuff for us.

Jamie: A year goes by super fast. Especially if we have visitors =)!

Posted by John at Wed Nov 10 2010 13:18

And, in other news, I was emailed a copy of my visa today! That REALLY makes it feel real to me!

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