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[Comments] (4) their eyes were watching Dalton: With our visas finally in our possession, we are ready to rock and roll! We are taking a red eye December 2 to NYC, where we will have a 10-hour layover. Plans include relaxing over breakfast at Leonard's house (Leonard willing =)) and then jaunting over to Manhatten. In deciding what would be most fun for the kids, we decided to take them to see the Christmas tree and the view from Rockafeller Center.

Then it's back on a plane for a night/day ride to Dehli, a 3-hour layover in the big taco, then a final 3-hour leg onto Bangalore. We arrive the night of the 4th.

I'm terrified for what Dalton will do on the plane. Between the teething and the curiosity of that boy, we may make more enemies than friends on that plane. But hopefully his adorableness coupled with Maggie's calm demeanor will win over the airline crowd.

Also, we get there 2 days before Rachel leaves; additionally, we will be there for Leonard's SIL's wedding in Mysore. So family reunions abound!

But before we go, I have to survive Thanksgiving and presenting at the SLC tax conference this Thursday.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Nov 16 2010 16:01

I AM SO EXCITED to see you guys you don't even know!

Posted by Mom at Tue Nov 16 2010 18:35

Hope you get some sleep during those two days of travel.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Nov 17 2010 03:05

Good luck with everything!

Posted by anonymous at Wed Nov 17 2010 07:35

So excited for you guys, but man, we will miss you tons!! A whole year with no Maggie or Dalton...sniff, sniff

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