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[Comments] (1) flying solo: While Susie flies to NYC, I fly parenthood solo. And while Susie's flight got in early, my flight is experiencing turbulence.

I slept cold, alone, and horribly last night. But today has been better. The kids are happy and fed, though Dalton wouldn't eat the hot dog I gave him for lunch. We played with the Lite Brite (which of course Dalton tried to swallow) and threw tennis balls down the stairs for a good hour. Dalton is napping, after which we will hit the town for some shopping. Dinner tonight will be anywhere with a play place.


Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 22 2010 19:17

He only like the corn of the corn dog, not the dog. Tennis balls sound fun, and I know they had a great time shopping!! I miss you!

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