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[Comments] (4) Cheese!-less: And here I am without a camera, since Susie took it to NYC with her. This morning Maggie helped me shovel the snow, and she did really well at it! And no camera.

Yesterday Maggie was upset we had no presents under the Christmas tree so we ran to Target to fill the void under the tree. And no camera to catch Maggie putting presents under the tree.

Yesterday morning I had both kids snuggling me in bed. A camera certainly would have captured that moment well.

Maggie has proven quite adept at the Lite Bright. And no camera to capture her artwork.

Oh well. I guess it just means we'll have to re-live these cute moments when a camera is handy!


Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 24 2010 18:10

Mom has a camera...

Posted by John at Thu Nov 25 2010 08:48

If it works as well as the vacuum (which won't start), I'm not interested =).

Posted by Susie at Thu Nov 25 2010 10:59

Hahaha! Mom needs to invest in a cheap vacuum.

Posted by Mom at Sat Nov 27 2010 18:51

My camera works just fine. I should have read this last Monday and had it out for all this adorableness. I will invest in a cheap vacuum.

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