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[Comments] (3) day one: Acclimating slowly.

Today I took in a picture of Susie & I back when we were engaged. I was told by Bhata that I look like "Harry Potter Hero" and I'm quite sure I don't. Daniel Radcliife may be the same age I am, but we are not doppelgangers. I guess he found resemblance in the glasses. I'm not sure why it's called Harry Potter Hero, but I later told him he was my hero when he helped me install a printer on my machine.

Today we took a group to lunch at National BBQ, I think. We ate on the roof and it pretends to be Brazilian BBQ but in my mind was much better. They had pineapple, bell peppers, shrimp, fish, chicken, and a buffet. I filled up on the grilled stuff and have been a little bit sick lately due to eating or touching something not quite clean, so I just sat and waited for them to eat. Now they think I don't eat anything, and I'm sure my physique only confirms this lie to them. I'll show them next time, once my iron stomach kicks in.

On the way back to the office, our rickshaw driver was carrying on a conversation with another rickshaw driver as we barrelled down the road at 40 kph. They were talking for a good 5 minutes. That takes skill!

Tonight we ate crepes at the Oasis mall. Since our driver was busy, we took a rickshaw and Dalton seems to enjoy it, though he does look mildly scared sometimes. I wonder what he thinks of this whole thing. Poor guy is still jet lagged (had me up at 5:30 this morning) and seems confused. Maggie, however, seems totally acclimated. She doesn't seem to get scared and takes it all in stride. She's still talking about the impending elephant ride, which we will do our best to produce once we get settled in our final destination.


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