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[No comments] hot and cold: So today we attended Sumana's sister's wedding. It was a large ordeal, and Dalton practically stole the show. Apparently at Indian weddings it is completely acceptable to come in and out and talk loudly during the 3-hour ceremony. As such, we only showed up for the final 30 minutes. It seemed lovely, everyone seemed blissfully happy, and the food was great!

We had the banana leaf meal, which is quite exotic. They come and put a little from column A, etc on your banana leaf and then you dig in with your fingers! There were only 3 items I didn't really eat; everything else was very tasty. I especially liked the sour yogurt with sugar crystals on top, the carrot concoction, the green bean concotion, and the fried rice concoction. Maggie enjoyed the tortilla-like items as well as the salt pile. She also liked the ice cream.

It was hard to eat with my fingers, especially with Maggie on my lap. Quite a bit of the food ended up on Maggie's dress and in her hair, poor thing. And I started to eat with my left hand, which is also a no-no. Earlier in the day we visited a temple and I knew to take off my shoes but was later told one must also cross the mantle with one's right foot. I don't recall if I did or not, but some of the people in the temple scowled at us the whole time so it's entirely possible I made another Indian faux pas. Oh well; I'm trying.

Today we got passport photos after the wedding. On the way back to pick them up I donned shorts and a T-shirt. I can tell they were sniggering at me. I don't care. My frame of reference for wintertime includes snow and below zero temperatures, not blazing heat (I was DYING at the wedding with all those people) and sunshine.

Tomorrow we move to our place next to the office, and next to a grocery store! I feel bad making our driver stick around so I send him home a lot only to later need milk or apple juice, staples at our house. Now we can just walk!

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