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[Comments] (1) driving in circles: So yesterday we moved into our new place. I don't think words can describe. I really expected it to be much much nicer or at least much more American. But I'm not sure why I thought that would be the case. I guess perhaps because the last set of Americans to live here didn't complain much, I assumed it must be different.

Anyway, the bathrooms leave MUCH to be desired from an American's point of view. But we have the kiddie tub for the kids, and Maggie doesn't seem to mind at all. So we'll just deal. Last night was a cold shower but I called the landlady and learned how to turn on the hot water. I wonder how long it lasts.

Anyway, after dropping off our things, we went to Hyper City, a sort of IKEA meets Target. It was fab. We decided to buy our own bath towels, our own bed sheets (in teal, to spruce the place up), Piglet sheets for Maggie, 3 floor rugs, and a ton of cleaning supplies, which have occupied the last two days. We've also hung some pictures from home. The end result is that the floors no longer leave our feet black (slightly grey only) and the place feels like home. The living area lets in great light in the afternoon. We still need to deep clean the bathrooms, but I think we're procrastinating because neither of us wants to do it. We spent 8,700 rupees or US$190 to spruce the place up. Check Susie's picture blog for details.

The nice things here are that we have more space, a washing machine, and I am much closer to work. And I guess it now feels more like we live here rather than we are visitors. The downsides are the bathrooms, smallish bugs (very small so not scary but just an annoyance really), less comfortable beds, and an uninviting lobby. But Mercure charged US$15/day for Susie to be there and charges about US$20 for a load of laundry, which is unacceptable for how many of us there are. We'd spend $100/week easily on that! So we're better off here. We'll post pictures in the future.

Today was District Conference so had to go downtown to church. We left an hour before and we were 10 minutes late because we got horribly lost. Partially lost because our driver assumed the first Christian church on the street was ours, which was not, as it was Catholic, and partially because our church building was hiding from us. Note to President Monson: if you put up a sign advertising yourself, you might produce more walk-ins.

Dalton had two dirty diapers so I missed most of church taking care of that since there is no changing station in the building. Note to President Monson: a worldwide church should cater to diapered children as well as not. But we own our own building there with lots of parking and even a BBall court. I was surprised there are only 4 white families in the district, other than missionaries. We are a minority here.

Last night we finally hit McDonald's for the chicken nuggets and the Maharaja Mac, which was really good. We fed the whole family for about $5!

Tomorrow is back to the grind!


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