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[No comments] a job is a job: I've decided that overall life in Bangalore is not that much different that life was in LA. I live in a small apartment that appears to be rather expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Traffic is absolutely horrid, as it took me 25 minutes to go the 2 km home from the office this evening. Work still requires some long, odd hours. And shows like iRobot and A Beautiful Mind can be seen on the telly while the distant din of Old Madras Road/the 55 freeway can be heard in the distance. The weather is also comparable.

Some differences include that there are really no partners or clients to deal with here, I sang "His Cheeseburger" for about 60 people today over samosas and chocolate cake, the internet is slower, cows don't wander the roadway, and people don't urinate on freeway walls during their normal commute

I really think Rickshaws could revolutionize the LA freeway gridlock.

Compared to UT, the climate is a big difference, and the people are much nicer here. I couldn't get the treadmill to work this morning at the gym and the lady next to me paused hers to help me out!

Overall Bangalore vs other places isn't all that different when 9-5 is spent in the employ of others. What you do with your evenings is your own, and often is similar from place to place. I think it will mostly feel like Bangalore on the weekends.

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