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[Comments] (3) other jobs: I have a personal driver, Sandeep. He drives me to and from work, and drives Susie around as desired. We also have him on the weekends. I can't help but think this is a very boring job.

Our building also employs people who push the button on the elevator for you. Another dismal job.

Another job entails checking under every car that comes into our work for bombs. Again, not a very thrilling job.

This definitely makes me grateful for my job.

My job tends to run later here, ie 10 am to 6:30. I guess I don't mind, but in the states I prefer to hit work before the kids wake up. Waiting until 10 am for work means I have to listen to Dalton cry when I leave, which I don't like at all. But going in earlier would be wasteful because no one would be there to coach!

Although I don't have a lot to do every day to keep busy, the days go by fast. This is mainly because I take teams to lunch because they can't run through expenses here. Lunch normally runs from about 12-3. No kidding. Today's lunch was quite the lengthy ordeal. And my computer here is very tempermental. And I answer a handful of questions a day. The rest is spent in chit chat with my counsellees. So between these activities, the whole day is occupied. It's a far cry from the long client-serving days of yore. I could get used to this!


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