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just a nibble: I've decided a few things that will make my stay in India much easier:

1. I will only eat veg dishes when I eat Indian food. I stand much less of a chance getting sick.

2. I will take one of everything that is Indian, take one bite, and only eat the good stuff. Life's too short to spend in the bathroom or with a scorching hot mouth.

3. I will eat American food for dinner every night (yay comfort food!) and will spend what it takes to keep our house clean and liveable.

I've had traveller's curse since we got here, and Maggie and Dalton also had a bout with it. Now it's finally Susie's turn. I think it's because she ate the chicken at Big Bazaar. Like I said, when eating Indian, it's best to stick with the veg dishes.

We have our weekends booked for the next two months with activities, including a trip to ride an elephant on Christmas day, a trip to the Mysore Palace to see Sumana's mother, an overnight train ride to see the ancient Hampi civilization, and then local activities such as parks, museums, and the like in Bangalore. I'm excited for the weekends to come!

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