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[Comments] (3) mormon standard time: Friday was bring your family to work day. Many people brought their parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, roommates, etc. It was quite the ordeal. Susie and the kids came over and stole the show. We were showered with pretty cake that tastes like nothing (just like they serve in the Kong), tomato potato chips, curried potato chips, and mango juice. When Maggie is shy, she pretends to be a horsie and neighs at people. They don't quite get it. When Dalton is shy, he screams. And because the people here are VERY adverse to children screaming, they quickly give him right back to us.

Saturday we went Christmas shopping and they were actually playing Christmas music in the store! Though the Christmas music was slightly off the norm. We bought Santa presents for the kids and for our driver's son. That night was a Christmas party at the church at 4:30. We arrived on time only to sit around until 6:30 and finally leave before anything had actually happened. We were able to eat some cotton candy and popcorn, and many people borrowed our kids for pictures in front of the Christmas tree, but that was it! No dinner (still in the works), no program (still in the works also) when we left two hours after the advertised start time. I should have known.

Today was church. No one played the piano so I volunteered and certainly did not play my best. But I don't care; if no one else can play, my plunking is better than nothing. Although I must admit, the members all sang with much gusto and stayed relatively in key and sang the more-or-less correct melody to the songs. That was a nice change from most wards that feebly mumble the words, allowing the organist to mostly play a solo.

We have mostly located the 10 or so stores that carry all the essential US foodstuffs now. We had egg mcmuffins for breakfast yesterday and chocolate chip pancakes for dinner today. Hopefully our bowels and diets will now return to normal! It's mostly the kids now that need the re-adjustment.

I've noticed that when people tell me where in India they are from, I normally reply with "oh that's north." This normally gets me chastised. Even though there are only two territories south of Karnataka, and Bangalore is in the extreme south corner of this state, and I know the names of the two provinces south of here (Tamil and Kerala), I get chastised for assuming they are from the north. When I say North, I mean north of Bangalore. But they all think I mean north India, a different country to itself. I guess we look at the globe differently.


Posted by Mom at Sun Dec 19 2010 11:56

"We were showered with pretty cake that tastes like nothing (just like they serve in the Kong)" -- does that mean they are tasteless or tasty?

Posted by John at Sun Dec 19 2010 18:21

Tasteless. So I won't eat it, since it's probably still not good for me.

Posted by Mom at Tue Dec 21 2010 16:33

Why waste calories on tasteless--no matter where you are in the world.

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