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[No comments] smallish world: I also forgot to write about the car trip to the zoo. Apart from Maggie throwing up sugar cookies in the car, our driver was also listening to a station that played a mix of traditional Christmas songs, disco Christmas songs, last year's Top 40, and this really wierd song that was instrumental except for every once in a while it would state "Barbara Stresiand." I wonder if they like Barbara Streisand or not. I didn't find the song to be flattering at all.

Another thing I forgot to comment on is how nice it is to have Facebook, Youtube, email, etc for this international jaunt. Back in 1999, the internet was still new-ish, and my extremely non-early-adopting church did not approve. As such, I lived for mail, even if it meant potentially reading stacks of letters out of order. It's nice to have real-time updates this go-round.

This week is my second week of teaching training. It sure makes the day go by fast, but is also very exhausting.

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