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[Comments] (1) daily download: Everything seems super expensive here! I guess when the conversion factor is 44:1 that's to be expected, but it's hard to divide by 44 in my head, so everything seems to cost a lot.

I think my need to be nice is going to be hard to overcome here, and will lead me to be taken advantage of rather frequently. I guess I'll either learn to toughen up or I'll learn to let Susie do everything!

I'm trying really hard not to compare everything to Hong Kong here, because I don't think I would like someone from India coming to the US and constantly comparing me to, say, Guatemala. But there are a lot of things that are similar to me.

As for comparing Bangalore to Hong Kong, one thing that is very different is ME. I am no longer a poor missionary. People still look at me, but not like they did as a missionary. And I'm not constantly on the street engaging the common man. I am uneasy having a driver, although it is necessary. I never felt rich in America. Comfortable, content, but not rich. But obviously I am now. And I need to remember that. But still not be a pushover.


Posted by Mom at Thu Dec 09 2010 19:04

Such experiences you are having--happy for you.


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