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[Comments] (6) the great leak: Word is finally circulating around the hood about the supposed-impending India extravaganza. Of course, my work still has told me nothing. People I've never talked to have come up to me to ask about India.

We got a new bishopric recently, which inevitably brings change on all fronts. New Relief Society, new callings, and, most importantly, rumors of a new Elder's Quorum Presidency. I told Susie I feel confident that, once released from the shackles of the guilt squad I will be left unfettered, due to the fact that our old Bishopric believed us to be teachers of false doctrine (their words, not ours. In retrospect, I should have asked them to define false doctrine, but I was blindsided, so who knows what I said). Susie doesn't think these kind of notes pass between bishoprics, but I'm not so sure.

This week I should enjoy a brief respite before I pick up for the last 5 weeks of busy season. I hope to enjoy it by spending time with Maggie, who tends to get quite cranky during busy season. She wakes up every morning at 7 when the garage door opens to bid me adieu out the window. I miss my kids when I work so much.

Maggie was sick last week and now it's Dalton's turn. It's hard to watch the kids be sick, but in some ways, it's also nice. They don't have the same energy for screaming as when they are well. They're so cute and pathetic that I actually find them extra-endearing. Is that horrible? It is what it is.


Posted by rachel at Tue Mar 02 2010 10:12

false doctrine? ahahahahahaha

Posted by Mom at Tue Mar 02 2010 17:21

I used to feel the same when you guys were sick.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Mar 02 2010 22:46

Now I'm incredibly curious what the false doctrine was!

Posted by John at Wed Mar 03 2010 07:51

Sumana: that makes two of us. I believe it had something to do with all liberals not being evil, but I'm not quite sure. Like I said, had I not been blindsided by the comment, I probably would have had some very cheeky response that would have essentially turned the question back on the interviewer, since it's such a broad accusation. But alas the time is past.

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 03 2010 09:47

I don't think he used the words "false doctrine", but, yes, we were brought into the Bishop's office for not being conservative enough.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Mar 03 2010 18:19

Wow. I hope your current faith community (the people, if not the institution) values you both. My condolences that your old bishopric blindsided you both with that charge, and here's hoping that the new one treats both of you respectfully.


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