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[Comments] (2) true love: Dalton is sick, so I got up 30 minutes early to snuggle him since he was whining, and also since I didn't see him last night before he went to bed. He smiled at me and fell asleep in a very akward position, basically staring up at me. I rocked him for 30 minutes then put him back to bed so I could get ready for work.

Then Maggie heard me so I got her up, got her some yogurt, and told her I had to go to work today, but that tomorrow was a daddy home day (ie daddy work from home day). That appeased her.

I get up and go to work early so I don't have to suffer saying to good-bye to the little ones, but they catch on quick. If they want to see me, they set their internal clocks for daddy work time I guess.


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