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[Comments] (3) wearing genes: Dalton appears to be his daddy's boy. He's an early riser like me, which is great on the weekends. I get to snuggle him in a nice quite house, while mommy and her little protege Maggie sleep in.

It's raining today, ruining my plans for a nice run and marathon day of yard work. When we told everyone in CA we were moving to UT, they all told us we'd miss the weather. But you only have one season in CA, I'd mention. Sure it's awesome, but it's all the same. But UT only has two, they'd retort. Too hot and too cold. Tis true; spring and fall seem to be nonexistent. How did I not notice this growing up? At least it never snows in May in India!

Today, instead, I get to help someone move and go to a boring church meeting. At least next week's work schedule is somewhat promising: I'll be in Dallas for training and can enjoy a nice, quiet hotel room for some relax time.

I finished Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" this week. Dreadful. His books really are all the same. Though the more I think of it, I really disagree with Joseph Walch that he's anti-Christian. I think the point he's trying to convey is that all religious and social milieu can be traced back to one beginning; this explains the similarities. Which one is still pure (if any) and which have been corrupted is the question. But regardless, focusing on the similarities in the world's cultures is the right thing to do. Enough pontificating; regardless of the message, the book was still horrid.


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