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[Comments] (3) wearing genes: Dalton appears to be his daddy's boy. He's an early riser like me, which is great on the weekends. I get to snuggle him in a nice quite house, while mommy and her little protege Maggie sleep in.

It's raining today, ruining my plans for a nice run and marathon day of yard work. When we told everyone in CA we were moving to UT, they all told us we'd miss the weather. But you only have one season in CA, I'd mention. Sure it's awesome, but it's all the same. But UT only has two, they'd retort. Too hot and too cold. Tis true; spring and fall seem to be nonexistent. How did I not notice this growing up? At least it never snows in May in India!

Today, instead, I get to help someone move and go to a boring church meeting. At least next week's work schedule is somewhat promising: I'll be in Dallas for training and can enjoy a nice, quiet hotel room for some relax time.

I finished Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" this week. Dreadful. His books really are all the same. Though the more I think of it, I really disagree with Joseph Walch that he's anti-Christian. I think the point he's trying to convey is that all religious and social milieu can be traced back to one beginning; this explains the similarities. Which one is still pure (if any) and which have been corrupted is the question. But regardless, focusing on the similarities in the world's cultures is the right thing to do. Enough pontificating; regardless of the message, the book was still horrid.


Posted by anonymous at Mon May 03 2010 12:18

I don't think he's personally anti-Christian, but I do think his Da Vinci drew quite a bit from anti-Christian writings such as "Holy Blood, Holy Grail". I was just puzzled by why so many ostensible Christians would rave about a book that denied the historicity of the gospels as well as the essential nature or Jesus of Nazareth. At least in "The Lost Symbol" there was less spiritual pornography, but unfortunatly the highly mysticized treatment of both science and religion proved to be too much of a raping of my intellectual sensibilities and alas I was unable to finish it. Enough of my lunatic raving, though, I'm glad Brown didn't include LDS Temple ceremonies or masonic connections in his latest book. I had heard he had considered including those themes in his latest opus.

Posted by Kristen at Wed May 05 2010 18:28

I heard that too, and that he was going to talk about Joseph Smith being a Mason. I am surprised you didn't like it John, didn't susie really like it? I wasn't able to get through the last 2/3's. It was for book club in Dec but I was so busy that month. I liked all the DC references, but the story line bored me.

It's true what you said about UT weather. Maybe not in Ogden or further north, but UV does only have too hot and too cold. I was thinking about that the other day.

Posted by John at Thu May 06 2010 11:55

Enlighten me Joe: What exactly is spiritual pornography? Is that equivalent to (and equally nebulous as) false doctrine? Ie, is it equivalent to anything you don't like?

Perhaps the reason people can accept the Brown denied the historicity of the gospels as well as the essential nature of Christ is because it is a fiction novel! Ee gads, people aren't touting it as the next standard work.

People probably also liked the idea that Christ was perhaps married, especially since the prophets tell us at BYU that this is the life to get married, especially for men. So to hold Christ up as the standard to rally around and hear that he didn't have to deal with courting seems unfair to those of us that struggled with it. I really like the interplay in Sister Act on one of the songs.....basically that many women would have rejected him because he was seen as kind of wierd. It was a droll re-do of "My Guy" to "My God." Now that's something I can relate to.

But I actually don't recall Brown slamming Christ's essential nature. If San Greal, meaning Holy Grail, was perhaps mistranslated as he notes into Sang Real, or Holy Blood, well, how does that downplay Christ's role? Who else but the King of Kings has royal blood?

Kristen, Susie and I are allowed to like and dislike things independent of one another. Susie did like it. I couldn't handle all the talk about tattoo-man's perfect body...too Stephanie Meyer for me....nor could I handle how cliche the action scenes were to his other novels. In essence, I too was bored.


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