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[Comments] (3) Happy Days: I don't have to go back to work until June!

Today I worked from home, and Dalton kept pulling on my mouse cord, so I unplugged the mouse and let him play with it, as using the mouse pad on the laptop was less annoying than the constant tugging. Now my mouse won't work. I guess that's what I get.

Susie and I watched "Seven Pounds" last night and it was fine, but I'd never watch it again; it's too depressing. But I think we should subject teenagers to watching it, because it shows what comes of texting. As the news reported here in UT, texting is the leading cause of teenage deaths. I think they mean texting while driving; otherwise, I'm very confused. I also assume the title of the movie has reference to Shakespear's "Merchant of Venice" but who can say?

Other new haps including packing up all our belongings and placing them into one room in the house, watching Rachel book tickets to India while we still sit on the sidelines, and preparing for our yearly jaunt to Provo tomorrow to visit Frances, Roy, and the Y on the mountain.


Posted by Kristen at Thu May 27 2010 19:30

How did you like Lost? I want to know if I am crazy...

Oprah did a big show on texting and driving, and when she had the smiths on for the new karate kid movie, they mentioned that scene in seven pounds. I think on Oprah, they also said UT has the strictest no phone&car laws in the country.

Posted by rachel at Fri May 28 2010 01:51

it's a reference to merchant of venice -- shylock, the jewish merchant must repay his debt in flesh (something like that)

it will be your turn to buy tickets soon! all ours were getting snapped up, hopefully you will have been luck with some last minute deals. then it will be our turn to get visas. I can't wait to see you and it is still so far away!!

Posted by John at Fri May 28 2010 19:24

I liked Lost when I watched it; the music, etc was moving and it all seemed so nice. But then all the unanswered questions came the next day, leaving a sullied taste in my mouth.

Prognosis is I'm just glad it's over and will choose not to think about it too much anymore. But Juliet ended up with Sawyer, which is all I really cared about. Bliss! And Kate ended up with Jack, which is insane, considering their relationship was dysfunctional the entire show. Good luck with THAT in the afterlife!

I wish we could feasibly block phone signals on the highway, at least for texting. Wouldn't do good to block them for emergency roadside assistance, etc. It sickens me to see how cavalier people are with their own lives and the lives of those around them. Adults seem just as bad as the kids.


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