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[Comments] (2) lost and found: I was invited on Monday to a reunion of Vocal Ensemble, an elite group of the top 28 voices in my high school. Twelve years down the road, I must admit, I was not good at keeping in touch with any of the old clan. I had moved on, and had reservation about attending the event last night.

Also, I apparently was missing. No one could find me. They finally tracked me down in the nick of time for the reunion. I had no idea I was missing. Apparently not having a Facebook makes it easy for one to go missing.

Anyway, Susie had a piano recital, so I took the kids and went. I made a goal to talk to everybody and not just my old clan of friends. I had a really nice time. I must have been missed, not having been at any previous gatherings, due to being lost, because people were also interested in my kids. A handful of people complimented them thoroughly. And I've learned that it's a huge deal when you can eke out a compliment from those who already have multiple kids of their own. Jana in particular was enthralled with Dalton and held him for about half of the time I was there.

Also, apparently the past 12 years have been good to me. Several people told me they didn't recognize me and thought I was the spouse of a female VE alumna.

I've avoided high school reunions because I didn't want to relive any popularity contests or engage in a debate as to who had spent the past 12 years in the greatest endeavors; but this gathering wasn't like that at all. Everyone was very complimentary of each other and genuinely interested in each others lives. I think I'll continue to avoid the reunions, however. As mentioned above, this group was the cream of the crop; I guess I shouldn't be that surprised how nice everyone was.

[Comments] (5) 5-year blur: I received accolades recently for my 5-year anniversary with EY. To reward me, I was allowed to choose a gift. The gift choices included a toaster, a waffle iron, some jewelry, an MP3 Player, etc. All interesting choices as a way to celebrate 5 years of service. I chose a suitcase, since it'll come in useful on our move.

Can't wait to see how I'll be rewarded for 10 years of service. Perhaps I'll get a tie rack!

wishful thinking: I really wish my local ward would check their politics at the door when they come to church. There's a new 's' word in town....


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