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[Comments] (5) 5-year blur: I received accolades recently for my 5-year anniversary with EY. To reward me, I was allowed to choose a gift. The gift choices included a toaster, a waffle iron, some jewelry, an MP3 Player, etc. All interesting choices as a way to celebrate 5 years of service. I chose a suitcase, since it'll come in useful on our move.

Can't wait to see how I'll be rewarded for 10 years of service. Perhaps I'll get a tie rack!


Posted by Leonard at Sun Jun 13 2010 11:46

One of the closets in our new apartment has a built-in tie rack. I took all our ties out of their plastic bag and hung them on the rack. We were thrilled!

Posted by Mom at Sun Jun 13 2010 20:33

At least they gave you something. In this economy, it's good to be honored--even if you don't get a gift.

Posted by John at Mon Jun 14 2010 07:41

A poor economy is no excuse to treat employees poorly (not that I'm saying I'm being treated poorly; just talking in general). Those that do will be employee-less when the market turns. We're human beings, not machines.

Posted by John at Mon Jun 14 2010 07:42

And on the flipside, a good economy is no excuse for worker bees to take advantage of the queen. Regardless of the economy, employees and employers should always treat each other with respect, especially if it is a valued employment relationship.

Posted by Mom at Wed Jun 16 2010 17:50

I certainly agree with you.


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