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[Comments] (1) today and beyond: Packing and boxes, boxes and packing. That's pretty much the life right now. We move in two weeks, though our visas are still in limbo. I guess our stay at the 'rents house will be longer than we thought. I hope they don't mind; I already know we mind. As much fun as it is to be delayed and living out of a suitcase is, I'd rather be on my merry way.

Yesterday I was running late to a meeting in Farmington and so of course I got pulled over for speeding. The officer didn't give me a ticket, however! He said thanks for being honest about speeding and let me go on my way.

I'm reading the Hunger Game series and can't put them down.


Posted by Mom at Sun Jun 06 2010 20:23

The 'rents don't mind at all.


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