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[Comments] (1) which one a you pick?: The title is a favorite saying of Maggie's. There are signs on the back of all the autos here that say Lose/Gain weight followed by a phone number. I'm not sure how a gymnasium of sorts sells itself on doing both of these things. But I think I may have the solution.

I gained a lot of weight from December to February here. I was always too tired to work out and ate a lot of comfort food to cope with the constant burning tongue and indigestion. But my pants were paining me, in layman's terms, and I refused to buy new pants here because nothing from here is going home with me anyway since my clothes are all getting ruined. So in March, despite, busy season, I put myself on a diet of sorts and a workout regiment. Said regiment included working out in our apartment gym, which has no A/C. So the sweat flows rather freely. I'm feeling good in my pants again, better than ever, even. I guess it is possible to lose/gain weight.


Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 15 2011 04:38

That's funny, it looks to me like your pants are all too big. Skinny boy.

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