Traffic for 2011 April 15 (entry 2)

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break on through to the other side: I should also note that we are blessed here as well. We have each other, and we have Chili's. We also have a driver. Some of our rotators in the US are struggling because of the food there if they are vegetarian, and also since they all go to different offices, some of them are lonely.

I also have a lot of coworkers that don't go on rotation. Even though they are college graduates, they live at home and their parents won't let them go. Having moved out of the house at 17, the concept of a 24 year-old intellectual being dictated to like that, when it really is an excellent career opportunity, is hard for me to understand. I'm also blessed to be able to make my own decisions.

Last blessing was last Sunday. I have the church here. We watched four hours of conference at church. It was fab. A/C was cranked up, the lights were off, we listened to the prophet, while the single men played with the kids. It sure beat watching conference at home, in the heat, huddled around the computer, without free babysitting!

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