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you probably think this blog is about you, don't you? don't you?: The other day at work I had lunch with the ladies. The conversation turned to Botox, microderm abrasion, liposuction and the newfangled freezing of fat and lasering of fat alternatives, etc, in that vein.

I always considered myself to be mainstream. And part of being mainstream did not include such vanities. But my coworkers seem mainstream, and yet they are into such vanities. I guess more people are down with injecting poison into their skin that I ever realized.

The real beauty of Allergan is that the injections wear off overtime. So the company has a clear annuity stream for the uber-vain, and even for the mainstream vain.

Today I took a sick day, as Dalton and I were both sick. Maggie and Susie went off to some par-tay at Hard Rock Cafe, so I layed in a vegetable state on the couch while Dalton watched Toy Story in his new Buzz Lightyear pj's. Then I put him in his crib while I worked on reviewing the 110 people I work with here. He wouldn't go to sleep but I was done tuckered out so I went to bed and decided he could burn the house down. Luckily Susie came home about that time so it didn't resort to that. I slept for another 4 hours.

The illness isn't horrible, mostly just a sore throat and some head pressure congestion. And it's the first time I've been sick in India, other than the constant plague of Bangalore Belly. But it reminded me that I really don't take that good care of my body. I eat way too much junk at work (fast food), I don't get enough rest (thanks to Dalton's 6 am wake-up calls), and I don't relax on the weekends properly. Today was a nice change of pace to rest and relax. And it was the perfect day for it since work isn't busy and doing that many reviews in the office would have been way more inefficient.

I also got a bonus today for being a Top EY instructor for 2011. It's for a gift card which is pretty useless here in India so it'll be a nice surprise when we get home. I think I'll cash it in at Kohl's so that I can buy new work clothes. The ones here are certainly not coming home with me.

Being sick made me homesick. Usually at home I have a bubble bath and read a book when I'm sick. Not an option here. We are going to Goa in two weeks though, and our hotel has a bath there. Our first bathtub since we came here. I fully intend to utilize. Unlike our other trips, the purpose of Goa is to hole up in the Park Hyatt for four days, and only leave to eat, hit the waterslides and pool, and the beach. This is our resort holiday.

Every time I ask Maggie about Goa she goes into some long soliloquy about a beach called Gondola, where they have swings, a bathtub, rides, animals, etc. I think she's combining the best parts of Pondicherry, Hong Kong, and what she thinks of Goa, into one amazing locale. She has the imagination of twenty kids and it's so much fun to sit back and observe. But she gets embarrassed if you catch her, so the observing must be done stealthily.

Shaun comes in 3 weeks, and we gave him a list of wants. We also ordered some new DVD's off Amazon for him to bring us. It'll be nice to have a broader selection for the kids.


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