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[Comments] (1) on a sunday: What a day! Shaun didn't get up until 8:30 and was still in the shower at 9. So we left him with a note on how to get to church and left, as I needed to play prelude and we still only got there 5 minutes early. All through Sacrament, no Shaun.

I went with Dalton to get Nursery set up. Alan was in there getting the mats on the ground. The Nursery leaders here are lazy. They start with a lesson, which is a huge mistake we don't make in the states. The kids don't want to go to Nursery when the toys are not out to distract them. So I usually stay through the last minute lesson and the coloring session until the toys come. Then I sneak out.

Well today they kicked me and Alan out. Alan's daughter hates Nursery, so after Alan had been gone 30 seconds, they brought Annie out to him. So why can't we be in there if they aren't going to actually watch our kids? The whole system is messed up and I intend to talk to the Branch President about it.

Well I got my chance. After I played the opening song for EQ, I had a meeting with the Branch President. I am now a YM Advisor. And I am terrified. I can't relate to today's teenagers because I can't text, tweet, or claim entitlement to anything. But my glimpse into the YM here is different from home so it may be a much easier experience for me here in Bangalore. I had to work with the youth SS class back home and I was horribe because I thought they were all brats and I couldn't ever figure out how to make them like church. Everything I tried failed. But I'm willing to try.

During my meeting with the Branch President, I had a call from someone. I called them back after the meeting, only to discover Shaun had just been there trying to find the church. Oops! It was like playing Where's Waldo? or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. And we were losing.

Came home with still no sign of Shaun. He showed up on our doorstep about ten minutes after we got home. I guess I should have woken him up earlier, but I didn't know I was supposed to wake him up at all. We're going to put a protocol in place so as not to leave him in Goa when the morning train comes to take us to Hampi.

update: We found Shaun. He apparently spent the entire 3-hour block trying to find the church. In other news, he is some good luck. The power has hardly gone out since he got here....


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