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[Comments] (2) where in the world is me?: I'm at an internet cafe in Hampi. For 50 cents, or 20 rupees, I get 30 minutes of e-time. It's drizzled rain on and off during our stay here, which has kept the temps cool and dampened our spirits just slightly. Today we saw one too many temples and have now called it quits. In an hour we'll go to dinner, then hit the train station to go back to Bangalore.

The train ride from Goa to Bangalore had EVERYTHING. Rainy jungles, tunnels and waterslides up to the Deccan Plateau, hot, barren wastelands, and the sugar-field oasis of Hampi. The family we sat by was pleasant and I practiced English with them. The aunty was a dentist and the daughter wants to be a cardiologist. Shaun took an Ambien and a nap the whole time, missing the conversation and his chicken biryani. I opted to eat granola and fruit bars from my bag.

The Royal Orchid, our hotel here, here was a good pick. It was only $15 more than the Mallagi we stayed at last time with the family, but is way better. The beds were soooo soft last night I could not get out of it this morning, but sat in it watching Father of the Bride 2 all morning. And it was enclosed without dead bees everywhere like the other hotel. Lastly, it had carpeted hallways and a clean swimming pool. If I ever come back to Hampi, I've found my hotel.

It's been nice not to have a tour guide and move at our own pace. But being slow season, all the tour guides have hit us up for employment. Tonight we take the first class train home, first time, and we'll see if it's worth the extra $20 it costs.


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