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[No comments] back at the ranch: Made it home safely yesterday morning. First class night train back to Bangalore was great. The berths are bigger so my feet didn't dangle off the edges. And we only had one other bunkmate that arrived right before we went to bed.

We ate every meal at Mango Tree in Hampi and it was divine. Shaun really enjoyed Hampi and had to buy a new memory card he took so many pictures.

Yesterday we hit the Shiva Temple and Papa John's. Today is off to District Conference, and Shaun leaves this evening. Then tomorrow it's back to the grind for me. Actually, I've already been back to the grind. I had 114 new emails to go through and I spent 6 hours at work last night getting caught up so I'm ready for Monday.

At the train station our tickets only said confirmed with no seat number or berth/seat number. While waiting for the train in the A/C room we met a man with an iphone and another with an ipod and they looked our reservations up on their respective gadgets and gave us our berth numbers. This is something the jokers working there were unable to do. The Hampi station has electronic signs telling you where your car will stop. Of course it was about 10 cars off, leading to bedlam. A nice boy selling mags helped us find our car and seats, so we bought his Newsweek for 250 rupees. Later on I noticed the price on the mag said 100 rupees. It never ends.

The magazine was interesting. There was a whole article on the misconception that everyone is poor in India. I know that's not true. The Indian gentlemen in our waiting room had fancier gadgets than I do. But we foreigners still seem to be the first go-to for alms. I took all the change from home and used it all up giving it to people. Now it's time to accumulate more.

Hampi was so much better in June. The hotel was swank and the rain made the weather quite pleasant. My second experience was so nice I would go again. The ambien Shaun gave me to sleep on the train may have something to do with it. Being a first time user, I only took a half-pill. I think I'll avoid the sauce going forward; don't need any sort of addiction problem.

Back to watching our new Mickey Mouse show with the kids. They sure are happy to have new shows to watch!

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