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[Comments] (4) anything you can do....: Susie's newest hobby (or new to me at least) is complaining about me to other people. One of her biggest complaints is that I don't take both kids anywhere, because I'm afraid or something. So today when Susie toddled off to Guilt & Lies meeting at church, I took it upon myself to play superdad for the afternoon.

We went to Leela Palace and bowled. Maggie and Dalton were both so excited and were good at taking turns. We got an 82 & 80 the two times we bowled, which was higher than the Indians next to us, except one of them got a 90. The bowling cost us $8 for two frames, which I think is really cheap compared to the US. The kids didn't have to wear shoes (they don't have their size) but I did. They seemed as clean as shoes in the US at least.

The cashier would only sell me two games rather than one game with two players because he insisted the kids couldn't play. I proved him wrong. Why he cares what I want to buy I don't know, but TII (this is India).

We also bought 10 tokens for $2 and played a race car game, a crappy game of air hockey (because the air was mostly missing) and let the kids ride on a toy. That is, let Maggie ride on a toy. Dalton only likes them when they are stationary. Then we had lunch of BBQ chicken pizza, french fries, green apple milkshake, and chocolate coconut brownie milkshake.

Then I let the kids run wild on the patch of grass the hotel has, because it's the only one in the whole city. Then we came home.

I wonder what she'll complain about next....


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