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[Comments] (1) this old body: Went and got poked and prodded at the hospital bright and early Saturday morning. Unlike Friday night, the lab was packed! We had a commitment an hour later and it wasn't looking good. I took a number, 84, but they were only on 56 and were taking their sweet time. Ten minutes later, they hit 65, and I realized this was NOT how I planned to spend my day. I saw a sign saying people with infants could cut in line so I grabbed Dalton and went to pay. They still made me wait another 5 minutes but saw me ahead of time. It was about $30 for the B12, thyroid, and glucose tests. After the payment line, I walked right in, got stuck with a needle with Dalton between my knees, and left. Apparently the payment line is the bottleneck.

The lady seemed upset when I paid with a credit card that had my name, the same as the patient's name. Maybe the infant sign is only if your infant is getting poked, but the sign didn't say that.

We left to see Cars 2. I liked it fine. Susie did not, however. It was a Pixar James Bond. Maggie watched the whole thing but Dalton lost interest fast. This is his first movie since he was 3 months old so I thought he would be more intrigued. But he was not.

During intermission at this theater, they take your food order. But I was too distraught to eat. At the end of the movie, Dalton made friends with the other white family in the theater, a couple with two small boys. They are from AR and are here doing something, humanitarian whatnot. I don't know how humanitarian work pays for anything, but they've been here 3.5 years and had both boys here. Now they can't be President. They didn't say how much longer they are staying in India.

I came home and took a nap to take my mind off things. Then went back for my blood tests, and they were ready at 4 when I got there rather than at 6 like they told me. I thought so. Then back to the doctor. Thyroid, et al is normal. So I'm taking the GERT medicine he gave me, even though I don't think that's it. But who knows. I was both relieved and frustrated, and am planning my next move.

On the way home I endured the scariest rain storm of my life. The rain was so loud Sandeep and I couldn't talk in the car to each other. So I watched him drive. Some parts of 80 foot road were totally flooded and I fully expected water to come in the car. The good news about heavy rain is only the brave (and/or stupid) were out on the road so we had it all to ourselves. The water was spraying everywhere, often into auto ricks taking shelter from the rain. We thoroughly drenched these people. I invited Sandeep to wait out the rain in our house but he declined. Of course it stopped raining 2 minutes after I ran from the car to the house in the rain.

Today I felt a little better in some ways, but had a headache most of the day. But I made myself go to church to play the piano and to teach YM. I taught one deacon and four teachers, all with Christian names (of a sort) so I actually remember them all: Alvin, Kevin, Romario, Timothy, and StephenRaj (no clue if it's one word or two).

I started class by talking to them about life for a teenager in the US versus their life. None of them go to the same school so they are the sole LDS students. Most didn't care. But Timothy is from the state next to Myanmar and his family was converted in Bangalore. We have no church up there and his family doesn't understand our church at all, especially when it comes to tea and coffee. I told them I experience the same thing at work when I say I don't drink because I'm Christian but all the other Christians do in fact drink. It's hard to explain it all, but none of them felt persecuted for their beliefs.

Only one of them has a Facebook (or even internet, or a computer, for that matter, in their home). Also, all of them come from families that are members. It's a different world in India than most of the world, I'd imagine. Even the Hong Kongers had those things, but probably over half of the HK YM were the only members in their families. I gave them each a Skittle to try, since Maggie and Dalton didn't eat them all in Sacrament Meeting, and taught them some Chinese.

I played Come Come Ye Saints today and it made me wax nostalgic so I came home and watched a Joseph Smith movie on YouTube. I was looking for Legacy but couldn't find it. This movie made me cry.


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