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[Comments] (1) 14322 Mayfield Dr: I miss my house. I miss walking in a nice neighborhood in the evenings to clear my head and relieve my chest pain. I miss walking down the street, not worrying about whether or not I'll step on a street dog, or a cow pie, or a hole into the sewer, or get hit by an auto, or have to watch people go to the bathroom. I miss sidewalks. Real sidewalks. I miss houses with flowers in their front yard instead of trash. I miss suburbia.

We've been out of our house for a year now but in India for only seven months. So I wonder if the seven month mark is the difficult part, or if it is normally longer if you aren't homeless for 5 months.

I am teaching training this week and today I finished teaching my part at 4 so my Indian co-instructor excused me to come home and rest. It was a very nice gesture and I appreciate it.

Thursday after training I'm going to endure an hour car ride to visit a nice hospital this time for a second opinion. I'm told people from all over the world come to this hospital because it's new, meaning good equipment, younger doctors, clean waiting rooms, and cheap surgeries. I'm curious to see that. I'm just going for an ECG, chest x-ray, and maybe a blood test or a pH test. Hopefully I'll get a better prognosis and better bedside assistance this time.

The kids have been so adorable lately. They love to snuggle. I'm just glad they are still healthy and seem to enjoy it here. Dalton is doing great in Nursery.

[Comments] (6) my side of the story: My nephew plays the part of a troll on FB a lot. We'll call him Jean Valjean, because that's not his name. His latest rant is that it should be illegal for parents to force their kids to go to church.

Right. Firstly, I doubt anyone holds a gun to their kids' head to go to church. Secondly, they probably tell their kid it's fine to skip church, but they are denying them a cell phone if they choose that path. Maybe that's the equivalent to holding a gun to their head. Who knows. Thirdly, parents are often required force their kids to do stuff. I forced Maggie to take all her Malaria pills after our Goa trip, even though she didn't want to. Should that be illegal? After all, I place just as much importance on Maggie learning about Jesus Christ as I do about her not contracting malaria.

Yet again, the parents with all the answers are the ones that don't have kids. Or in this case, are kids.


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