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[Comments] (5) this is only a test: I've heard, either directly or through the grapevine, that people say things like "I would come and visit you anywhere except India. I don't want to go to India."

Well let's test this theory, shall we? If I were in Siberia, would you come visit me? How about Pakistan? The Middle East? China (not civilized China like Hong Kong, mind you)? Ghana? Cuba? Croatia? Would you honestly come visit me in these places?

Let's further test this theory. EY is starting another Global Talent Hub in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are giving priority for coaching opportunities to those who have extensive knowledge and first hand experience with our Indian Global Talent Hub. Namely, me, among other people. I've shown some interest but am ultimately still deciding on this.

Part of me thinks it's a great opportunity. Part of me thinks BA would be eaiser than India. But part of me becomes weary at yet another stint in a 3rd world country.

It would be easier because: the food would be more suitable, the time difference from home is much less, the LDS church is huge there, including a temple, making for a more friendly environment for me, the new office will be downtown instead of this horrible location we have here on the edge of town, meaning getting around without a car would be easier instead of impossible like it is here, and I've got to believe it's less dirty than India in terms of littering and viewing the country as a toilet.

Things that would make it harder include switching seasons on myself, it gets much colder in BA, the English population is probably much less than in India, and I would think the expat community is less established, though I have no true understanding of this last point.

So. BA, Argentina. Anyone willing to come visit there? Or when you meant anywhere but India, did you have images of the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel, and/or Big Ben in your mind? If so, it's ok. I understand. Don't cry for me.


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