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[Comments] (5) table for four: The kids sure have been a lot of fun lately! We discovered some game on our computer called Furble Place or something like that that, I assume, came with the computer. One of the games is making cakes on a conveyor belt to match the pictured cake provided for delivery. Maggie LOVES watching me do this over and over. It's actually a challenge, on the harder level, juggling multiple cakes all in different stages of assembly simultaneously. But on the easy setting, I discovered that Maggie can play the game all by herself. She waited until we were all ready to watch her in action today and was quite proud of herself.

Dalton appears to be getting all the rest of his teeth in one fell swoop right now and is suffering through the whole process. The poor guy whines all day so his mouth must be severely paining right now.

This weekend we plan to go get pictures taken in our Indian garb and attempt to eat at an Italian place that, rumor has it, makes Mexican food on the side that is much better than their Italian food. Then the following weekend, for my birthday, we will go see Harry Potter and eat sushi. Other than that, we are counting down the days until our jaunt across the Bay of Bengal to Bangkok (17 days!)


Posted by Susie at Wed Jul 13 2011 00:28

That came wasn't on our computer before I had Windows reinstalled in India.

I love that Maggie is big and smart enough to play games on the computer.

Posted by Jamie at Sat Jul 16 2011 18:06

Well, you are getting closer....why can't they open an office in the Caribbean or even Hawaii (lol)

I would be much more inclined to visit BA, but truth be told, we want you back in Draper!

I want to organize monthly (or every other month) family outings like hike to Ensign Peak, or visit 'x' museum or things like that and I need you 'pros' to be here to suggest places and you are always up for adventure!

Posted by John at Sat Jul 16 2011 20:57

We do have an office in Hawaii, Jamie. I worked for them last summer. It was miserable. With a four hour time difference, I was at the office until 11 pm every day since they all went home at 7 pm. I TRIED to get a fly out for the project but it didn't happen.

We'll be home for at least a year, for personal reasons. And we would love to do monthly activities. We always enjoy family outings but it always seemed everyone else was too busy. And we are definitely pros at free stuff to do in SLC now!

What we really need to do, is to get mom to take a page from the book of Brigitta and plan for zookeeper and bounce house parties!

Posted by Jamie at Sun Jul 17 2011 10:22

Yay, personal reasons :)

There are tons of things to do for sure, we just need to put the plan into action! Is it October yet?

Posted by Mom at Mon Jul 18 2011 16:56

Annette put together their whole reunion. We'd have to ask her where to get things like that. There are tons of hikes at the cabin. You know where they are. And you could find new ones too.

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