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[Comments] (2) typical indian experience: So I've gotten a smoothie to complement my cabbage salad the last two days for lunch here at work. Yesterday's was free, thanks to my punch card. And today I used my EY-provided meal vouchers. Both days they have been out of lids.

Today the drink was overflowing my cup and there was still a whole other serving left in the blender. Meaning my smoothie was runny but otherwise tasted fine to me. I went for a stroll this afternoon as a break from work and the jus booster guy came up to me, apologized for the horrible drink, and gave me a free one sans lid. I should have told him I wanted the free one next time, not now, as I'm actually full. And I can't take it home because of the whole out of lids extravaganza. So today I got two smoothies. I should have at least asked for a different flavor. What a day.


Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 21 2011 22:39


Posted by Mom at Sun Jul 24 2011 21:40

We always think of things after the fact.

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