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[No comments] two nights in Bangkok: That first day we slept until about 9 am then ventured out to hit the malls surrounding us. Literally a ring of malls connected by covered elevated walkways all the way around our hotel. The Paragon wants for nothing. Though the actual shopping stores were not to our tastes, the food court is divine. Burger King, McD's, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, Famous Amos, Mexican food!, Asian food, gelato gelato gelato, Italian, Tony Roma's, Japanese, and a huge Supermarket with everything. Problem with the supermarket is all the imported stuff was so expensive. That first day we ate Mexican food (fish tacos for me!) and I had gelato while Susie had a Cinnabon.

The bottom two floors of the mall are an aquarium so we went there with the kids. Our ticket included a fish spa experience that was so much fun. I went with Maggie and it those little fish sure do tickle as they nibble on your skin. I enjoyed that. We also fed shrimp to fish and sharks on a glass bottom boat. That night we went swimming and then Susie went exploring the night life while I put the kids to bed.

We were shivering in the pool at night. I did not expect to be COLD in Bangkok in July. Once again, the people were all so polite and kind to the kids. And there were more white people in the mall alone than in all of India. At the Mexican restaurant, for example, the group next to us was from Huntington Beach. They were here modelling and were deciding if they were willing to be topless in some of the shots later that day. That side of Bangkok seems particularly Thai; India is much more conservative in that respect.

Two nights in Bangkok make you want to move there!

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