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[No comments] three nights in Bangkok: Today we had a tour up to Siam, the ancient capital of Thailand. The drive was a nice chance to see the city and the countryside both, but it was awfully early in the morning. We had to wake the kids up and paid the price for that all day. The chocolate milk for 7-11helped; we can't get that here. 7-11 is also huge in the Kong, but I haven't seen one in India. Apparently 7-11 is huger in Bangkok than even back in the states.

What a beautiful country. No trash anywhere. And lots of stand alone houses. I think the people here (and country as a whole) has more money than India to support infrastructure. Having a better tourist policy than India probably helps, as that brings in more money.

The summer palace was wonderful! Topiaries, grass, water monitors, peace and quiet. The Chinese influence here was huge. Another Chinese influence is that almost all signs are in Chinese and Thai, with some also in English.

Onto some ruins, then a lunch boat ride back into Bangkok. The river into Bangkok was very relaxing. When we passed under bridges, you could reach up and touch the bridges. Not a lot of clearance space indeed. The food on the boat was absolutely amazing. I'm told it's not real Thai food as that would be too spicy anyhow. The kids rode a regal elephant all dressed to the nines also. Once again, the Thais know how to cater to the foreigners better. The elephants are bigger than in India here.

Dinner this night was pretzel dogs and cinnamon sugar pretzels. I was doing my very best to not overindulge at all the choices I don't have here in India.

Three nights in Bangkok leaves you dizzy and exhausted. It's a lot to take in.

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