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[Comments] (2) wishful drinking: I was just reminiscing about Bangkok and telling a coworker about the fabulous pumpkin pie you can get there! It reminded me of the Mexican restaurant with the bakery next door. That bakery made the must beautiful, albeit disgusting, cakes. Most were pure frosting/fudge and one was a scene of dinosaurs. Maggie LOVED it! The whole time we ate she just sat there and stared at it. But never once did she demand a dinosaur cake. Just to look at it only.

I'm hopeful that Maggie is growing up without a sense of entitlement. She has never really begged for anything. She even wanted a scooter last Christmas and didn't get one, because a scooter on India's sorry excuse for sidewalks would have been disastrous. She didn't care. There could be many reasons for this I suppose.

1. It's possible that she realizes how spoiled she already is. After all, we were in the Siam Paragon, only the most fabulous place in all of Bangkok. In Thailand. Though I doubt many people think this way. After all, how many kids cry at Disneyland because they didn't get a balloon to hold on the teacups?

2. Maggie's personality is to want for nothing. Looking was good enough. That cake wouldn't taste good anyway, we couldn't take it home with us, and it would go straight to her thighs. This is possible.

3. We've raised her well to understand not to demand everything she sees. I've heard of kids crying over bed sheets, of all things, and she's just not like that because we've taught her not to be like that.

4. It's possible she's still too young to realize we can buy anything we want at the store; all we have to do it put it in our cart and it's ours. Same with Christmas. We decided the kids each get two gifts only; one from Santa, and one from mom and dad. I wonder how old she'll be before she realize most kids get many more gifts and whether or not she'll expect some many ala Dudley Dursley.

I wonder which is true. And I wonder how Dalton will be in this respect. That may help us rule out point 3.

Jodi gets here in two days! Yay for Susie to have a travelling companion!

UPDATE: The new-fangled Delta flight shows her plane is currently over Nebraska! Woot for real time information!


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 09 2011 05:58

Straight to her thighs? hahaha

Posted by Mom at Fri Aug 12 2011 20:01

She needs a few years for it to go there. Maybe she'll be like you and Susie and it will never go there.

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