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but the cat came back, the very next day: I went running this evening and apparently the monkey came back, ripped up our trash, got no love from us, and left. Dalton missed the action yesterday but was terrified today. I once again missed it as I was at the gym. But I went looking for the monkey and found him in the wing adjacent to ours, going up each level, trying to get in people's houses. He stopped for a really long time at one window and was successful at pushing it open so I went over to the apartment and told them there was a monkey about to jump into their kitchen. Hopefully the buzz is getting around and someone will figure out how to get rid of the thing. Susie wants to move.

We are becoming popular at church. The First Counselor would like piano lessons for his daughter (has keyboard, willing to travel) and I was asked to teach YM & EQ both next week. I told the powers that be to fight it out and let me know. I'd rather teach YM honestly. That is my calling after all. I taught today which usually entitles me to a bye week but I guess not this time. As far as piano goes, I think they know as long as they make it easy on us we will accommodate. I quit teaching at the church because I went all the way there and no one was showing up. Now at least they come to us so if they don't show, it's no skin off our backs.

Work is really picking up, but the good news is we have less than a month until the Big Day. The busy seasons are more compacted here and I actually like it more and will miss that when I go home. Sometimes at home it can be hard to tell when busy season ends and begins but here it's more distinct which I think leads to more personal flexibility. And really it's not as busy here either. The weekend shift was extremely calm for me.


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