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[Comments] (3) sigh: We are out of made in the US of A cheese. Same with goldfish. Good thing we can replenish a few items in Dubai next week. In the meantime, absence will make the heart grow fonder.

I get the worst allergies here every time the seasons change. And the seasons they are a changing. From rainy to hot. I'm ready to experience not hot weather. Bring on the snow this winter; I'll be home for Christmas.


Posted by Rachel at Mon Sep 26 2011 08:16

want anything from the UK?

Posted by John at Tue Sep 27 2011 07:07

Like what, good Indian food =)?

Posted by Jamie at Wed Oct 05 2011 14:49

Goldfish, Halloween peeps, candy corn, etc were shipped 2 weeks ago....hope it gets there soon!

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