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charles shultz meets mahatma ghandi: After a busy day, Maggie & I unwound watching The Easter Beagle. In the show, although it's Easter, Christmas decorations are up. That sounds about right. Most stores here have yet to take down their Christmas trees. Also, Peppermint Patty and Marci can't seem to communicate about how to boil eggs. We can't seem to communicate with the water guy to come give us a new jug, nor can my work communicate with me about how to pay my bills here, nor can Citibank communicate with me about how to deliver my mail. Apparently the mail room guy didn't know I exist and has not been accepting my mail. Any of it. Who knows what letters have not made it to me?

But today was grand. We went to Cubbon Park, Bangalore's answer to Central Park. We spent the whole morning in the kids section with a busload of kids from another state. They were excited to see us! We rode the boat and the train and let the kids play in the playground. After we rode the boat with all the students, we lost track of them for a while. Then later at the playground the train made its circle and so we stopped to wave at the people on the train. Lo and behold it was the school class, which all bid hello to Maggie very loudly, by name, as they passed by. I wish I had caught it on video; it was epic!

We didn't make it to any of the museums, including the library, aquarium, or planetarium, because they were closed for some holiday, which appears to be a frequent occurance here. Oh well. We plan to go back in two weeks and see the actual park anyway, since we only saw the kids park anyhow.

Since the museums were closed, we went to a hipster mall called UB City. They had some international cuisine on the top floor of the building next to a water fountain and we dined in style at a really nice Chinese restaurant that had fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, satay, and FRIED ICE CREAM! This was our first time eating out at a nice place since we got here, and it only cost US$23. The fried rice crunchy outer coating appeared to be crushed nuts and something like chaat, rather than coconut and corn flakes. But it was still fried in honey and was good. I guess we shouldn't expect authentic Mexican fried ice cream at a chinese restaurant in Bangalore anyhow. It was still good.

The mall had a Lladro store, which we couldn't help but gawk and laugh at, and also had Versace, Louis Vitton, etc. It also has a hotel there filled with foreigners so we didn't get gawked at here, though the waiters loved playing with Dalton while Susie & I dined in peace. We were the only people there for lunch at 1; most people were still eating brunch across the way at the crepe store. So this mall carries really high end stuff for India; I would even call this stuff high end for the US. But the bathroom floor wasn't all wet like at work, which was a nice change! People here like to spray clean rather than wipe clean, which is fine, but it makes the floor wet.

It was a really fun day!


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