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[Comments] (3) man of the town: The title refers to Dalton, not me, who is loved and adored by all here. Wed was Republic Day, a holiday here, so we went to Chili's, which is not too far from our house. It's a bit pricier here, but I guess that should not be too surprising. We read horrible reviews online that all proved to be false. In essence, no rats in the restaurant, we were not the only ones eating there, they did have beef, and the food resembled what you would get back home. I had a burger, Susie had a quesadilla salad, and we shared a yummy dessert.

Then today we re-visited Cubbon Park, saw the aquarium, which was quite good for the quarter we spent getting in, wandered the park, found the library, and eventually found the museum we were looking for. The library was really neat in that it was like in those movies where there were wall to wall books, including those ladder rides to get the high ones off the shelf.

The museum cost $1 and had a life-size moving dinosaur that thrilled Maggie but made Dalton cry. We also had fun lighting up lights by pedaling on bikes, pushing buttons to watch pistons and engines rev to life, etc, typical children's museum stuff. We only saw half of it and left for Sunny's for lunch. Sunny's also serves beef and I had steak and Susie had stroganoff. For dessert I had a blueberry creme brulee. The problem with eating out fancy here is that the tax is double what we pay back home so there is always sticker shock when the bill arrives.

I also was up late all week working on the Kaiser provision. They are offering me a job when I get home, which is not something I'm ready to think about right now.

Tonight is piano lessons, tomorrow we speak in church, and then tomorrow night I'm supposed to give some lady in the ward US Taxation lessons. We'll see how that goes. Life is much busier here than I anticipated.


Posted by Mom at Sat Jan 29 2011 19:36

I am surprised too at how busy you guys are. Is Kaiser a different company or part of EY?

Posted by John at Sun Jan 30 2011 05:34

Kaiser is the client I kept from the Irvine office, the one that flies me down twice a year to review their work. So a different company that is our client.

Posted by Mom at Mon Jan 31 2011 08:22

If you can do their work from Utah, I'm ok with it.


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