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[Comments] (1) new man of the town: I have been pretty outgoing in the branch and have been known to all as Brother John. The first counsellor is known as Brother Sam, which I am pretty sure is in reference to his first name and not his last, since he's Indian. So I assumed everyone knew that John was my first name and not my last name. Every week the church program lists Brother John as the ward pianist and today listed Sister Suzie and Brother John as the speakers (they called us on the way to church to inquire Susie's name).

Anyway, when they introduced the speakers, they introduced the first speaker as Sister Suzie John, which made me laugh. I guess John is also a legitimate surname but I thought they knew we were the Chadwicks and only called me Brother John to keep it simple. Suzie insists they called her Sister Suzie Johnson, which also means they think my name is John Johnson. Needless to say, I spent the rest of church confirming that I am Brother John Chadwick.

After church I got a lot of compliments on my talk. You made us laugh, some people mentioned. I try my best! I must have done well because after the talk I was invited to a baby blessing on Saturday and a wedding on Friday, both of which sound fun to attend, assuming I can eat the food. My biggest worry is always the food, since I am still struggling with it here. I think Sumana's mom simply did not know what to do with me when we stayed with her. And I never considered myself a picky eater before.


Posted by Mom at Mon Jan 31 2011 08:24

I never considered you a picky eater either. You were always game to try new stuff -- and sometimes it was stuff I would not have eaten.

You guys are really special. Glad to hear you get all that attention.


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