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[Comments] (1) trick or lettuce: Work is really slowing down, now that the deadline has passed. Most people will be off for vacation my final two weeks, especially since Diwali is coming up. So Friday I had a party at work and let Maggie and Dalton come and trick or treat. We have a huge bag of skittles we don't eat, except for Dalton. So we took it and I had the kids give each of my coworkers handsful of candy. The Skittles are gone! Huzzah!

A lot of my coworkers "get" Halloween, even though it's not celebrated here, and had chocolate on hand for the kids. So now we have more candy than we need. But at least it's not Skittles.

Maggie was of course being her shy, silly self. She would say things like Trick or Lettuce or Thank blahblahblah made up word because it's apparently too hard to just ssy Trick or Treat and Thank you. What with people here speaking English as a second language, most of her silliness was lost on them.

It was very kind of them to give treats in exchange, as that was not required at all.

A lot of coworkers asked me to explain Halloween to them. I tried. I think I got it right, but I guess I should confirm on Wikipedia. In turn, I asked them the purpose of Diwali, other than firecracker lighting. No one knew. Another job for Wikipedia I suppose.

Otherwise I spent yesterday looking at cars. I need a new car when we get home and have no idea what I want, but think I'm settled on a Mazda 3. It's been an extremely interesting week trying to figure out firstly how to get back home the EY-approved way and second what I'll work on when I get back. I'm sure going home will be a not fun experience, but as long as we make it in one piece, then we'll be home, so who cares?

Oh I guess I should mention that Maggie was a bumblebee and Dalton was a Chinese ninja. Most people thought Maggie was a butterfly and Dalton was not dressed up.


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