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[Comments] (2) the haps: Things Dalton is afraid of: the monkey on Toy Story 3, the Spinosaurus at the Bangalore Natural History Museum, the monkey that tried to visit us in August, and most amusement park rides. Things Maggie is afraid of: Indians in general, attention of any kind, good or bad, directed to her, and mad guys (what she calls bad guys).

Maggie in particular pretty much refuses to give her talk in the Primary program, coming up on Sunday. I'm trying to bribe her and we'll see how successful I am.

I've discovered The Simpsons are on in the mornings here. They are playing all the Halloween specials right now, most of which I've never seen. The Simpsons has got to be the longest running cartoon ever. Maggie is quick to point out to me that it is NOT a kid's show.

Today we took Sandeep and Kannagi for a nice farewell lunch at Heritage Elements. Kannagi wore a saree for the ocassion, so it must be auspicious. We all got the biryani, except for Susie who got dahl (bleah). This place is the only place I've found that does chicken right in an Indian dish here in India (the Mango Tree is veg). It is so succulent and doesn't get me sick because it hasn't been sitting out all day for the flies to infest. They both seemed to enjoy the lunch.

Today as we started packing again I came across my BD card from my mom. It has a picture of the old cabin on it. Kannagi asked Susie if that was our house in the US. I still laugh when I think of it! I guess by Bangalore standards it's a nice house. After all, there are no cockroaches or cows in the cabin, it actually had some carpeted areas, a fireplace, a heater, an oven, and the power normally stays on (for those fortunate enough to have power; I'm not sure if Kannagi does). But the toilet doesn't have a sprayer.


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