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[Comments] (1) three cheers for bollywood: Yesterday we made the two hour trek each way to visit Innovative Film City (IFC). It's Bangalore's version of Universal Studios, both of which are rather lame. When you first walk into IFC, it seems like it's closed. All the stores on the front promenade are empty, with the exception of this archery range. I actually came close to a bulls-eye on my turn!

The first half of the day was noisy and crowded thanks to school field trips but they all left in the afternoon. And everyone was actually very polite to ask before taking pictures or posing with the two cutest white kids in the world.

On down to the rest of the park, it does get better. There's a water park but we didn't take our swimsuits. There are also a handful of rides of various stability. The main roller coaster, which Maggie got to ride since we said she was five, and the double-decker carousel, are both nice. The rest are rather reminiscint of carnival/fair rides and were making lots of questionable noises denoting strain on the various apparatus. Oddly enough, Maggie had no qualms about the roller coaster but threw a fit about the carousel.

They also had a mini golf but it was so hot outside we didn't do that for very long. And we opted out of the optional haunted house.

There is also a dinosaur world with some nice skeletons and some rather laughable animatronic dinosaurs. But they all had signs with correct spelling and names. Most of the signs said "Utah" on them for location of dinosaur bones and it too was spelled right. Made me proud to be from a state with SOMETHING to it's credit.

They also had a huge bounce house for the kids and they were in there until they kicked us out. Susie and I just enjoyed sitting in the shade for a while. Attractions also included a McDonald's (yay McFlurry and non-Indian food, even if it is just chicken nuggets), a fun house of just mirrors which was actually really fun, a Madame Tousod's wax house, and a Ripley's Believe it or Not.

I've never done Ripley's or Madame Tousod's before. The latter was just ok. Most of the wax figures looked extremely fake and NOTHING like there more human counterparts, but they did have the Governator, the Harry Potter trio, and some Disney figures for the kids. Ripley's was actually a lot of fun, even if a few of the things scared Dalton. And I learned where the terms "graveyard shift" and "saved by the bell" came from.

The trip would have been epic fail (as the kids say) were it not for the goldfish and the candy corn to make the horrible car ride bearable. Thanks Aunt Jamie and Uncle Dave and family!


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