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[Comments] (2) thanks for the memories: I forgot to mention that Friday was my farewell party, since this week is Diwali and so everyone is on holiday. I was given a farewell book with some very interesting things to ponder.

One comment, from anonymous (most are signed but this one is not) says: "Hi John, I would write on all the bricks 'I miss you' and hope that i[t] falls on your head so you know how it hurts to miss someone special like you. 'love you John'

Another is not a message to me but a quote as follows: "Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present" -- Jim Rohn. I don't know a Jim in our group, but there are a few people I still don't know, like the new guys. Susie thinks it's a properly cited quote. They had nothing else personal to share with me I suppose, but they love quotes like that around these parts.

Many things are also in quotes that leave me quite confused. For example, "Thanks" for all your support, or We sure are going to "miss" you. If I didn't know better, I'd think the quotes are sarcastic. But I do know better and it's not like that at all, though I'm not sure what it is like.

This book is very akin to my Filipino farewell book from the Kong not ten years ago, full of stickers, advice, quotes, stories, and the like. And I love it!


Posted by Mom at Sun Oct 23 2011 08:56

You are well respected by your company and the people in that office. Makes a parent proud.

Posted by John at Sun Oct 23 2011 19:59


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