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[No comments] exit stage left: So yesterday was the primary program, which is actually something I've come to dislike. Between the Saturday practice (we skipped it) and practicing during General Conference (to which I take extreme umbrage) it just seems like more of a chore than a valuable presentation.

Maggie knew her line. James 1:5. She really did. But of course she refused to say it, and refused to sit on the stand with her class. I finally got her to sit on the stand by giving her her own chair separate from the other kids. She didn't want to sit by India kids; they are mean to her. She says. Then when it was time for her scripture I took her up to the podium. Silence. She refused to say it other than in my ear, for only me to hear. Not for India people to hear. So I told her to say it with me, which basically left me saying it. She also kept refusing to sing the songs and kept asking if she could come sit with me, which I didn't let her get away with.

In the end she did NOT get a box of Nerds bought in Dubai as a present. I get them because I said the scripture. But at least she sat up there. I guess next year we'll find out if this is really just a shy thing or if it's like she says--just not for Indian people thing. Obviously she's shy but I also think she doesn't like Indians much.

Afterwards they were rewarded with a Domino's pizza party. On a Sunday. Again, seems to defeat the purpose of a primary program when it's polished off with breaking one of the ten commandments. I often feel like kids are made for Primary and not the other way around. Hopefully it'll be a better program back home.

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